What POSITIVES could ever come out of a burst appendix you ask?

Well, luckily I am a positive sort of guy, and with the help of pain killers, an enforced rest period after a traumatic week, and arriving home to a caring wife and family, I decided to, whilst resting turn the whole experience into a positive and attack certain issues which have been bedevilling and haunting me for years.

This blog may not be a piece of writing excellence, nor may it be a world beater in clear thinking and motivation, but it may help others understand me, where I am at, and what I can offer. Hopefully it is not ALL about me, but I must admit, sometimes during a health recovery phase, a little self indulgence helps. What this blog is not, is a medical description/expose of what difficult circumstances I faced, when seeking help through Victoria/Australia’s Public Health System and how those problems, and their solutions could be addressed.

It is Friday, November 22, 2013, 6 days after my Appendix burst, and 5 days since my operation, and my innerds were splattered with puss built up over a couple of weeks of gastro and tummy bugs. It is said the appendix is now a useless “organ” and is a throwback from more ancient days when humans ate more plant material and roughage.

I am writing this as I sit in relative contentment, looking at views like this one of the Australian bush.


My guts ache, but if I am still, I am content. My body is filled with anti-biotics, without which I would be dead. Thank goodness for anti-biotics.

Going back to my hospital stay, I was in a two bed ward, my room mate was in a much worse state than I. He was foreign. His family spent a noisy Sunday with him every second, whilst he spewed his guts every couple of hours and him sleeping most of the time in between.

I returned from surgery and was filled up with pain killers, so I was OK. No contact was made with him until Tuesday morning, I felt so bad, this was so unlike me to be anti-social. Well, no-one acknowledged me with a wave or eye contact, so when that happens we all, I am sure back off, and ignore and I must say it was not nice with all that sickness and noise happening barely 2 metres from your bedside. Nights are not pleasant, with every noise travelling like a bullet to your head, and a new nurse, a new routine, a beeping drip pump, a pill to be taken, an observation to be taken, food needs to be eaten! Not much time for anything else.

So first contact was a good morning from me and grunt from him, as he prepared to have a wee. On his return we chatted, his English was marginal, but he could manage. It was good we had broken the ice. He was a 62 year old Afghan, arrived in Australia 10 years ago, legally, migrating with wife and 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. He was a pediatrician, his wife an specialist Afghan and Pakistan history teacher. They live in Endeavour Hills, (Dandenong north east) with his brothers family, and his sisters family. His/their story is what he and his family shared with me over the quiet moments of well-ness we shared together. I shared snippets of my story for their benefit, I was 4 years older than their Dad, a retired electrical engineer with family all over Oz, blah, blah.

Without blabbing about his situation too much, he was in a bad way. He had diabetes, failing kidneys, a massively bloated tummy and had to enjoy a concoction of 20 or so different medications. But, this is not my story, which is, every time a health professional, nurse or aide spoke to him or his daughter translators, it was if they were referring to a man in the moon. No attempt at understanding or caring. I must say it got up my nose, but it wasn’t my place to advocate or stand up for him. The question they the family were facing that day was, should he go home or not? The hospital as always needed his bed and could only see him failing to keep food down, the family were obviously not able to care for him as they saw fit.

In case I bore you, let’s cut to the chase, after 2 lovely 30-60 minutes of evenings with the afghan family, talking multi-culturalism, Australianisms, misogyny, Afghan/Pakistan history, immigration, boat people, Australian politics, I did develop a aquaintanship, respected on all sides. I have to admit, I was brought into their family, them wanting to know what I thought of their Dads situation. Stressing my difficulty with not knowing anything of their Dads medical history and the amateur nature of my advice, I suggested 20 medications seemed way to much for the body to cope with, and he should be eating the most easiest digestible foods possible, and that perhaps a dietician/nutritional it’s expert could help. At that stage Doctors were prescribing anti-nausea pills to counter “the wrong” food. Anyway they took this on board and asked the right questions and met with a doctor which was offering to help.

Underneath the chit chat, They were worried, the hospital wanted him to move, and they faced a new challenge as to whether their Dad, should or should not, go to a specialist palliative care unit, which could look after his diet, medication, and hopefully turn the tide on a failing situation, on which only a new kidney would help. They were to have a family meeting in the hospital at 11 the next day.

I was in the process of being discharged. I made myself scarce, they were doing Ok, but as I said good-bye, the father said, “Rod, what do you think of this palliative care thing”.

“What a question I thought, to ask an almost total stranger, what an honour to be asked, he respects my views, how do I respond”? I had only a few minutes, my wife was getting the car, and a nurse was due to wheelchair me to meet her. Fortunately, the father and mother had been joined by their Engineer Son-In-Law, who spoke good English ( I needed 100% translation here) and stressing the need for speed, I cut to the chase explaining father had asked me my thoughts, to which I said, “if you want to die, then go to the palliative, but if you want to live and fight for life, you need to tell whoever, wherever you are that, and if you do FIGHT FOR LIFE you will pull through”. Fortunately, I was able to repeat my punch line a couple of times.

With that, I had to go. In the wheelchair, I thought, “what a moment!”, “never would have guessed that was coming” and, how
It came to that and most of all, “had I made a difference?”

On reflection, I thought I had, and that my passionate communication style had helped that family assess where they were at. The moment for me is that, whereas, I usually consider my style garrulous rather than constructive. I was pleased with myself and reflected on the many other people I had helped in my small way, during my time in business and Rotary, but reflecting on human nature and the need to mind you own business.

As a result of this, I have decided a slightly more assertive approach is needed. I can speak, I have the life experience, and if my two bobs worth is worth sprouting then I should have a go. A defining moment for me, anyway.

Thanks for reading and my best regards to all.


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Saturday September 14, 2013 JG ELECTION DAY

Saturday September 14, 2013 JG ELECTION DAY
One week after Tony Abbott’s election, and I find myself reflecting on what could have been achieved (and wasn’t) simply due to personal ego, a powerful press, and a clever (a better word would be dishonest) opposition.

In my opinion this is one occasion where, the opposition won Government on an own goal, not on policy (there was little policy debate) and hence, to claim a mandate that the people were voting for any particular policy is a complete fallacy.

I find myself worrying that, the antics of several (and there were many) knowing and unknowing contributors to this treasonous situation, have created a bad precedent and, in addition, for the public NOT to know, care about it, and then not discuss it, is contributing to an unhealthy future, and simply bad and NOT RIGHT. I find myself wanting to urge talk, openness in order to avoid a repetition of this scandalous and treasonous injustice, an ugly boil, that has to be lanced, before we can ” move on”!

The fact is the Labor turmoil or perception of it, has been blown out of all proportion, giving Labor a super bad name as not being able to govern itself, then how on earth can it govern the country, when under Julia Gillard, despite a heel nipping opposition, internal egos and a predominantly hostile and out of any control press, successful Government was achieved, successful policies were introduced but gaining no credit for the things that mattered. The victim being the country of Australia

To be blunt, Government of the day, was “overthrown” by Goebbels style propaganda, reporting downright lies, spurred by internal power plays (the KRudd factor) but today (one week after Tony Abbott day) we find ourselves, not being able to properly discuss and analyse what went wrong, “for the good of the party”, we can’t air our dirty washing, for fear of muddying the waters and making our situation worse.

Well, I for one, believe sweeping this situation under the carpet is wrong, (and for all the good it will do) raise the issue, and hopefully, better brains than me can further the arguments and help stop similar injustices from happening in the future.

So what am I on about?

Lets start at the beginning when One K Rudd was elected, several really good things happened (Kev said sorry, Kyoto was signed, strategies to beat the GFC were set in place and perhaps others I have skipped over) but we now know (see ref 1) the Prime Ministers office was in turmoil, due to Kevin’s chaotic, and downright rude, vindictive, autocratic and procrastinating leadership style. We know that Julia Gillard tried her hardest to keep things on track, warning Kev of the issues, remaining loyal to the end, (7pm June 24, 2010) when they met to discuss the situation resulting in a JG leadership challenge spurred on by Bill Shorten and other colleagues. JG has vowed secrecy as to the details of that meeting, leaving us mere mortals to ponder and prophesise. The meeting was the portrayed in the press (spurred on KRudd’s “woe is me” attitude during the resulting press conference) as Julia Gillard Knifing an elected PM in the back, a complete press beat up, when you consider the ALP’s democratic “rules” for electing a leader were followed and simply envoked by a challenger.

So the “back stabbing” JG lie was born, almost making it impossible for JG to have ultimate success right from the start. The Carbon Tax “lie” (where a valid statement was truncated by the press) was the second key JG injustice giving Tony Abbott a cart Blanche, easy ride to the Lodge, all based on lies and exaggerations.

The statement of Tony Abbott “not being my Prime Minister” has merit, he has NO mandate for anything, One KRudd brought this on, he kicked the own goal! Why couldn’t he see sense and work with JG. Why couldn’t he as PM, perhaps find a management solution to helping him manage his role, work better as a team player, (if he was an employee, his boss would send him off to management school, or give warnings, and then sack him), it seems JG tried, but it was he, and he alone, who rejected pleas for stability which were ignored.

Why did JG (and her first ministry) hide KRudds indiscretions for so long after 240610? For several reasons, the main one for me was to avoid blood letting and giving the press and the opposition more ammunition, but also to respect KRudd’s achievements. All fruitless in my opinion, the damage was done. KRudd’s and the ALP’s only solution should have been to stick with KRudd, but help or force him, manage better in a style more suitable to his colleagues and the country’s well being.

Why discuss this at all? Don’t say we all learn from our mistakes and it won’t happen again! It can happen again. Power does crazy things to people. God help us when Tony Abbott’s power trip kicks in! Blame One KRudd! Or perhaps blame JG and her colleagues who perhaps should have collectively sat on KRudd and made him comply with their wishes, but as we all know, forcing anything on anyone is a bad move. No, he could not be moved or forced, he and only he, could rule, he and no-one else could rule, and my God, no one else was going to achieve, what was my god given right to rule. I was the elected PM ( another fallacy, PM’s are not elected) it was me who beat little Johnny, no one else, even if I did need Sunrise’s help a titchy bit!

Post 240610, One KRudd had countless opportunities to be the team player his conscience (his God) should have been guiding him to be, but no, Kev had to be the smarty pants, driving nail after nail into JG’s coffin. She to her credit continued to support him as Foreign Minister, giving him honour, credence and respectability. But no, no team player here, no helpful hints to JG as she struggled day after day to combat the undermining, the bad press, the opposition lies and exaggerations, no urging of colleagues to unite, back the PM and educate the people through the press, NO, the rule, no-one can do it better than me, Kev, the messiah! What hope did she have?

Not wanting to be a smarty pants myself, but extremely frustrated as to what was so obvious to me, as to Kevin ‘s lack of any understanding of a team approach, is when at the time of all of the leadership challenges, I nagged, through, Labor sites, messaging lower level parliamentary members through Facebook, even talked to my local Member Laura Smyth, about the need for harmony and Kev, for the good of Labor’s reputation etc, he should work with Julia, either in a PR or other close leadership position to show voters, the unity required. I believe, had this been done, even after the 240610 JG challenge (the unjustly put “knifing” incident) harmony would have been seen and the Labor Government would have survived. No, it wasn’t with the benefit of hindsight, I tried to suggest sense, it was ignored. I was told don’t talk leadership, join the Party and basically go away. (Laura Smyth was a Ruddster, I wonder if she is now, lamenting on her being chucked out of “office”)

Returning to today’s leadership situation, the new, 2013 rules where the rank and file together with the elected members of Parliament choose the leader, gives a perception of a more democratic process and a step in the right direction, but what are the pitfalls? Can the rank and file be the victims of propaganda? How can a leader’s management, leadership and communication styles be predicted with a level of confidence that defies any situation where a better person may be available if say the elected leader does not meet expectations? (The saying, that often people are promoted one step above their abilities is often very true) Is the only way a dudd leader can be deposed in an orderly manner, is for him/her to resign and perhaps re-contest? OH, forgive me, isn’t that what a leadership ballot does, the encumbant stands aside to be subjected to a vote of “members”.

1. The Stalking of Julia Gillard, KA Walsh

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One Hell of a Woman – Julia Gillard and Conviction

One Hell of a Woman – Julia Gillard and Conviction

When I saw that amongst Tony Abbott’s rantings was to cast doubt on Julia Gillard’s honesty over carbon pricing, and her legitimacy after replacing Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, and even her marital status — with his snide House of Reps remark, that she “make an honest woman of herself”, I decided, I had blown the first two out of the water in my last blog, but what about this “honest woman” thing.

I got to thinking, what could the effect on the polls be, if Julia Gillard announced, she and Tim were to get married! Obviously, impossible to quantify, but I could imagine.

So as a bit of fun, I thought up how a publicity seeking personality of lesser qualities might approach this. So off I went into a hypothetical, on just how Julia could receive untold publicity, by bowing to convention and tying the knot. This exercise, complete conjecture on my part, is based on my perception of our dedicated, dignified and talented PM and the man in her life, Tim.

By exploring what Julia, may or may not do, taught me, just how wrong Tony Abbott’s innuendo about Julia being a dishonest woman is. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Gillard-Tim-cleavageImagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, she was to marry Tim, and it was going to be on an extravaganza football day, where her beloved AFL team the Western Bulldogs, played Tim’s team, the Richmond Tigers! Or perhaps, to make it a truly Australian Football affair, with a Western Sydney NRL team, and another, perhaps the Melbourne Storm to play first, with the wedding in between, and the Bulldogs, Tigers match to follow.

Imagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, she was to get married by the heads of the Catholic Church and Church of England, AND the figure head of the Uniting Church, her old childhood religion, representing the Baptist Church where she recognizes the foundation teachings the church gave her, but dismissed the formal elements of religion as they didn’t capture fer heart, soul, and mind, as she told Steve Austin of ABC Brisbane, 28/2/13.,

Imagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, this was all to happen at the SCG, fully televised live by the Murdoch Press, with a civic reception at the Sydney Opera House, attended by World Leaders including the Clinton’s, and those from her birthplace, Wales, with the who’s who of Australia’s “Born to Rule Upper Class”, in attendance.

Imagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, all of this, by leaking to the Murdoch press through Kevin Rudd, to Laurie Oakes, Howard Sattler and Alan Jones, with Andrew Bolt, on behalf of arguably the most powerful person in the free world, Rupert Murdoch, to give Julia and Tim a wedding card from Rupert, and offering his best regards!

As an aside, I tried to imagine the negative effect on Julia and Tim, if, because they were having a publicly or part funded celebration, like a State Funeral and/or a Royal Wedding, imagine if Tony and Margie Abbott were (as part of the public funding deal) given equal time to “bless the marriage!” Pewk!

Could you imagine her wearing white? Not because she is not a virgin, but there is no way, this lady would ever contradict her ideals. Ridiculous notion, but how many brides ignore the “white” tradition?

On a more sober note, can you ever imagine, her, deliberately lying, to achieve some political advantage. (Note the word “deliberately”)

In fact, what could you imagine, if ever she was to consider formally dedicating herself to Tim, (of course this is non of our business!) Yes, a quiet personal “civil union” maybe, maybe two receptions one private for family and friends, and one public for community leaders, particularly, volunteer organisations including Tim’s Men’s Shed and Prostate Cancer groups plus many, many others, but particularly without the MSM and without the clergy.

Gillard-shopieBut if something like this was to occur, I could imagine her inviting, several gay couples to join her in a civil ceremony, but performed maybe with her hometown church people in attendance, to pay respect of their input to her moral upbringing, but certainly not “Before God”. I could imagine her having her niece’s as flower girls including young Sophie, who helped with the NDIS photographs.

Mum Dad Gillard2What I could imagine, is she may want something to happen along this lines for her Mum sake, before she gets too ill and passes away, but would she? Julia is a deeper thinker than this, even to consider this happy memorable occasion. She would want to do it for herself and Tim, not for anyone else, not for the polls, not for the publicity, not for fame and giving the impression of conformity, and although she would think about it I am sure, not even for her Mum. Some may think this as slightly selfish, I wouldn’t, I believe she would do this in recognition of the couple’s need to cement their deep personal commitment to each other.

This is a woman of calibre and substance, going about her daily business, with a quiet, unsung dignity. Does she force her beliefs on others, does she part judgement on others for relaxing what she may see as a not so ideal arrangement? No, she respects peoples choices, and she does her best to give all people equal opportunity in life, work and happiness, despite the world being far from perfect. You may say her Misogyny speech forced some of convictions down men’s throats. Well, about bloody, time!

Julia Gillard has Conviction, and everything she does she believes in 500%

JGDad2The fact her Dad gave her the education, he never had, has put kids education, on the top of her priority list, followed by Disability Care, equality and worker issues.

But her skills don’t stop there. Watch her at Community Cabinet meetings, display her amazing understanding of every current issue, the legislation processes, the order, why this was done, followed by this then that, etc. this is NO ordinary woman.

She has the dignity and charm, once her knitting is done, (ie: seeing the many basic priorities she has helped achieve in her first term as Australia’s leader carried through) will be to step out of doing the urgent things, and with the same honesty, fairness and vigour, help solve other issues, like the refugee/asylum seeker issue, in my opinion a most challenging one for all world leaders.

JGKnittingMs Gillard is a team leader, she gives credit, and has much better leadership skills than Kevin Rudd. She also has in my opinion, a soft, female, persona, with a little more experience, the perfect wise grandma persona, loving and caring for all, whilst for relaxation, knitting a pair of booties, for a new-born at the same time. (A sort of a Miss Marple, the gentle, wise leader, if only the public could see). Kevin Rudd on the other hand is all about Kevin and his ego, tossed about by conflicting ideals to do what is publicly acceptable and what could be seen to help his popularity. Julia, doesn’t even consider this in the mix. She tries to assess what is right! What is good for the majority, what is good for the Country.

On the negative side, Julia appears to get grumpy when things don’t go 100% right, then gets bossy, and can then be prone to make rash ill-considered decisions, but given the pressures, etc, this is understandable. I am sure she could with experience, moderate this, and being more in charge of events, give herself and her team, time to make these decisions.

I believe, she absolutely deserves a second term as our leader, hopefully inviting the best heads together to make it work, but this time around, without the background distractions of leaks and a hostile press.

Abbott asleep.I suppose some can argue, Tony Abbott’s negative, destroying tactics are all fair in politics, they certainly are like a strong defensive football tactic, creating diversion, mayhem and pressurizing the attacking team (in this case the Government) into making mistakes. But this is not what we pay the opposition to do. We pay them to be constructive, yes dissagree when appropriate, but to obstruct, No. This in my opinion is great waste. OK, on last night’s LateLine, Tony Windsor said the Committee structure has worked well during this Parliament. Was this Abbott’s doing, or the dedication of his backbench underlings.

Mr Abbott, at one stage tried to pull the Government waste card out. Throughout, this whole hung Parliament time, Tony Abbott’s wrecking and time wasting strategies, have had a complete disregard for the Parliamentary system. Together with him having the hide to spend “volunteer” time with the fire fighters and the North Queensland Indigenous folk and then claim expenses from the public purse, for this and his weekend bike rides, and then promoting his own personal book, “Battlelines”, together with his complete lack of Human Decency, the case for Tony Abbott is riddled with holes.

CommittmentI recently saw a post from Don’t Risk Tony Abbott which is so, so true. Summed up the situation perfectly. Thank you.

Ms Gillard, if you do lose the next election, rest assured it won’t be due to your lack of dedication or leadership, or the lack of support from the rank and file, it will be due to the innuendo and unrelenting MSM press stories of leadership challenges and destabilization, poisoning the public perception of a good Government, which by any achievement measure is outstanding.

If this causes Mr Abbott to win by negativity and default, it’s a whole new ball game. In Paul Keating’s words, “God Help Us”.

GOOD LUCK MS GILLARD, go for it, we are with you all the way, and history will record your efforts favourably.

Malcolm Fraser on Tony Abbott’s conviction:

For background personal interviews please see:

For a more political rendition please see:

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On Politics, Sex, and Religion

They say, don’t talk about politics, sex and religion with friends and relatives.

Why not I say, that’s a very old fashioned idea. If you can’t talk about everything these days, especially with your friends, where are we? Left talking about family and football. Family is important, but to me it’s time to get real, and we must, learn to agree to disagree. (Alan Jones and Tony Abbott’s divisional tactics don’t apply here!)

1. Politics: Why I am “Going for the Redhead!” 

The David and Goliath Election, September 14, 2013.

ImageHaving been a swinging voter for most of my life, ALP during the Whitlam/Hawke/Keating era, LNP during the Howard time, and switching back to Labor, with Kevin Rudd in 2007, I value my vote, but wish more people would put their brain into gear, before they simply lap up what the Mainstream Media (MSM) dish up.

You probably know this but the MSM can be very naughty and use innuendo, sensationalism, and omission, all to great effect to firstly encourage you to buy their newspapers or watch their news, so you can buy the products advertised, and make them money. That’s all OK, as long as we remember what their “meaning of life” is. Thank God or “whoever” for the Internet.

I am Nationalistic enough to think if you are an Aussie,  you love your country, and treasure and protect what Australia has and is lucky enough to offer others. Hence, like me, you must believe in Australians and that as a thinking group of people, we can and we must choose a responsible Government.

However, living in a Democracy, as we do, part of this means we must accept the “majority decision”, a point Tony Abbott has refused to accept, and in Opposition turned politics into a confrontationist and divisive event, causing discomfort amongst friends, a fact I absolutely find un-Australian and abhorrent.

However, in Australia where voting is compulsory, we all must spend a little time, in deciding who do we trust and whose policies will best serve the people as a whole, not just for me or my hip pocket nerve, the rich, nor those on welfare or the disadvantaged, but for the good of everyone.

ImageAs you have guessed, I must be upfront and admit “I am going for the redhead, not the d—head” but, unlike those who can get sucked into the daily news, and may be thinking of voting the other way, I am content, because I have researched the personalities, have a reasonable grasp of the policy ramifications and have made a conscious choice. Please do not think I am forcing my ideas upon you, the reader, as I ask you, if you think we are on opposite paths, to at least hear me out, and take my research and these notes as a helpful act, rather than just a rant by a “silly” old goat!

I suppose, the main thing I am saying is, please think about your vote, look critically at what the media are telling you, sort out the crap from clay, and even then, you may be misled, they will tell you anything to get a grab, a “gotcha” as they say, and they can twist and turn it, just to make a good story, nothing about the truth, responsible reporting or who they hurt in the process!

So, this why I am voting the way I am. Good luck in your deliberations, and I hope my blog helps you separate what is important and what deserves your attention and understanding.

A well rounded summary of the events leading up to the present (April 2013), and posted on social media, imploring we give the PM a fair go, is:

If you don’t have time to follow up any of the more detailed links I have posted, please read this. It will give you the overview of exactly why, this PM needs another shot. If she fluffs it this time,  well she has had a good go and someone else can have a turn. I have every confidence she will do the opposite and go down in history as one of our greatest.

On the matter of trust?

MSM11.      Do you trust the mainstream media including the ABC, and the outspoken shock jocks to give you fair and balanced information, on which to base your opinion?

 2.           Julia Gillard’s Alleged Lie: Have you seen the full statement Julia Gillard made about the carbon pricing promise, which was cut to 7 words to make it look like a lie?  Links:

3.            Kevin Rudd’s Alleged Stabbing: Did you know that there is conclusive evidence, Julia Gillard did NOT “stab Kevin Rudd in the back” and ever since that fateful day in June, 2010, she has been a victim of viscious media misinformation?

KRuddSummary: On the 23rd of June 2010, after falling polls for Labor, Fairfax reported in the early morning newspapers, that Kevin Rudd was canvassing the support of his colleagues and questioning the loyalty of his deputy, Julia Gillard. This upset, Julia, as she had believed, she had been pedantic, about being a very loyal deputy, despite Kevin’s severe autocratic and chaotic management style, so at about 10am, they arranged to meet at 7pm, that evening. Kevin’s management style, his support canvassing, Julia being upset at Kevin’s distrust, and the meeting arrangement, were all points that were never revealed to the public until well after the event. During the day, Julia’s colleagues asked her to challenge, but (my opinion is as Julia has not commented) she refused, reserving her decision until after she met with Kevin.

However, Kevin Rudd on seeing the 7pm ABC news which reported, with little conclusive evidence, a sensational revolt was underway, became unresponsive (probably lost his cool) to Julia Gillard’s attempt to seek a resolution, whereby, as a reluctant, loyal deputy, but knowing her colleagues were urging her, during the meeting, on the spot decided to challenge.

Kevin Rudd, at his following press conference, seemingly cool on the outside, but livid on the inside, made himself out to be the victim and thanks to the sensational story-telling press, the emotive, back stabbing lie was born.  Link:

If this doesn’t work on your IPad, try YouTube – Prime Minister Julia Gillard did NOT stab Kevin Rudd Also try:

Abbott asleep.4. Can you honestly vote for a person, who openly admits to repeated lying, been guilty of countless serious, immature, selfish, questionable, behavioural issues such as bullying, changes his mind with the wind, and shows little commitment to anything but getting into power for personal gain? His “disciples” as I call them, show the same, little commitment and a bullying approach, mostly men, all born to rule, all confrontational in their attitudes.

I have compiled a Tony Abbott character trait link file here: 

5. Have you seen Julia Gillard’s amazing talents and caring personality come to the surface, when she is allowed to answer uninterrupted, her dignity, her breadth of knowledge, her commitment, her genuineness, and her understanding of the issues, the history, the loyalty to her country, the respect her colleagues have for her, all of which is displayed at Community Cabinet meetings and elsewhere, but never reported honestly in the MSM. If not please see:

6. Did you notice the most worrying comment, Tony Abbott made at his National Press Club address in late January, this year, was, when in the Q&A session, he was asked when he was Health Minister, why had he changed the Medicare Safety Net threshold after giving a cast iron pledge not to change it, and given this why should the people trust him ever again, his answer was, “the truth is that I was rolled by my senior colleagues on that particular issue,” and then followed by the most disturbing comment, “Then, I was a man under authority, now, if I could put it crudely, I am the authority – and that’s the difference.”  What does this say? Another Kevin Rudd, where his opinion is better than a combined view, and that we must accept his rule and/or we will have it forced down our necks no matter what. (Sounds like a “Dictator in training” comment to me and remember, Tony only won the Liberal leadership by one solitary vote, said to be that of Peter Slipper, and now he says he is the one and only “authority”!)

peta-credlin7. Have you noticed, Tony Abbott’s minders keeping him away from “intellectual” questioning at every opportunity, because invariably, almost every day, he makes a stupid comments or offends someone, like putting his shoe on a table in a foreign country, or inferring a woman cannot run the country as good as a man, or falling asleep in front of inquiry contributors. How can we even contemplate, electing a person like this as our leader?

8. Talking about Tony Abbott’s minders, did you hear of Dr Mark Roberts, Tony’s policy advisor, whilst under the influence of alcohol, threaten a leader of an indigenous schooling organisation to cut their  funding in a most dramatic manner, and then effectively “bribe” a journalist, by saying, he would spy and report on Tony Abbott in return for the journalist, not reporting his threats. What great loyalty, and what does this say about Tony Abbott’s ability to choose staff, looks like he chooses on their ability to bully? This man could be our next Prime Minister!

On the matter of policy?

1. Do you honestly think, the mainstream media and the big mining company owners openly back the Liberal/National Parties with bags of money and “in-kind” support, if they didn’t think their policies were going to suit them or if they didn’t have a say which benefited them, to get some hold over the the Government? What does this say about the LNP for pampering to their interests? This attitude really sums up the LNP policy goals, that is: For the big end of town. Yes, you can argue, if these guys make profits, they flow down the chain, but, do they? Unfortunately, look at Rupert Murdoch, its all about money! Look at Gina Rhinehart, richest woman in the world, opposes the mining tax on excessive profits, and she still wants more. I’d say she is addicted to money.

2. Do you honestly think that the ALP, a social issues party, would have policies, which would knowingly harm jobs, workers , immigrants, asylum seekers, indigenous people and the middle classes. Admittedly, not every ALP policy or program is perfect, nothing or no-one ever is, but, and with goodwill by minor parties, and hopefully, in the future by a constructive opposition, better policies can be derived and implemented. (This is supposed to be how Parliament works, it’s just that Tony Abbott has changed the game plan)

3. With your view on Question 2 in mind, how can you ever give credibility to Tony Abbott’s opposition style of obstruction and negativity at every turn, and just dismiss this, and believe his rhetoric, and then trust him to be committed to important “for the good of all” policy, like the environment, programs for the people as a whole, and do something for a genuine reason, and not just because “he knows best” and/or, as he was “born to rule”? I am sorry, Tony Abbott lovers, but I cannot!

4. With the Australian economy in good shape, and having got through the Global Financial Crisis by building long lifetime, education improving, community infrastructure with local jobs (supporting local economies),  Gonski educational reforms in debate and countless environmental and social betterment policies passed in legislation and waiting to be implemented in due course, how can you honestly contemplate, throwing out 6 years of massively successful Government, in favour of a party who promises to undo or at the very least wind back, most, if not all of these good policies?

5. In regard to voting Green or Independant, yes they have their good points, and have played (for the most part) a constructive role in the Gillard minority Government, but my suggestion is, just think about your preferences. Don’t waste or give your preference to those who possibly don’t deserve your primary vote.

My Political Conclusion

lightbulb1Please Note, in a similar way that Julia Gillard describes her take on religion and her “atheism”, (see quote below), I am not and have never been a member of, nor do I intend, joining a political party as I don’t like the formality and the regimentation, but accept that if a view is to be canvassed, this is one forum available. However, I  have “Liked” the ALP website as a resource, and would if I had any “spare” cash, donate to the cause on a one time only basis, reserving my rights as a swinging voter, into the future.

The only thing I ask you, is: Please don’t waste your vote!

Julia Gillard on religion: “in my younger life, – I would have said early 20s – I made an active decision that whilst the values meant a lot to me – and continue to mean a lot to me – the formal elements of religion didn’t capture my heart, my soul, my mind.” (Source:


2. Sex

You really didn’t expect me to prattle on about sex did you? My wife says, delete that bit on sex! Read into this what you will. I like it, and I promised you a sex story, and “sex sells” so they say!

BlackC1Not much to say here, except to say, that men are generally, ruled by their vitals, are obsessed with it and the feeling of (dare I use the word) orgasm.

Women, as a rule, don’t have the same physical attraction to sex, as men, but do enjoy the emotional side, love the intimacy of cuddles, loving to be loved, cared for, and pampered etc.

If you have a good partner, and I feel sorry for those that don’t, the trick is to recognise the needs of each other and work things out, never holding back on any issue that may come up, and, I mean, any issue, including men understanding women’s issues such as  menopause, the like and vice versa. I must say, though, women do seem to get the worse end of the stick when it comes to our bodies. For me respect always, and talk, talk, talk.

At least, Tony Abbott, recognized his “manliness” superseded his “godliness” when he crashed out of “priest school”, although one “post” I saw, reckoned he was kicked out (not confirmed).

Enough said, but happy to discuss at length privately.

3. Religion: Particularly the organised type.

FromHell2Heavn2Just finished reading a difficult but compelling book by Chrissie Foster, “Hell, on the way to Heaven”, Chrissie’s family’s story of the of how a child abusing Catholic Church Priest, sexually assaulted their two older girls, causing undue and immense harm to all concerned, how the Catholic Church and it’s teachings, are designed (not deliberately) to protect child molesters, and the Foster families fight for adequate compensation from the Church.

I can only say, after reading this book, no-one in their right mind, would ever look a priest in the eyes ever again, particularly Goerge Pell.

Yes, religion has a role, teaching right from wrong, morals etc, but to me it must be a private thing, and must teach tolerance and understanding of ALL God’s and ALL beliefs.

Too many religious people, are blind followers.


Before I close, I tried to find some light relief, offered by both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. Julia’s was quite easy, the famous “I’m Red, he’s always Cross” line at a Red Cross do, ( but for the life of me, poor Tony is devoid of humour, except his awful laugh, where the world seems to be laughing at him.(

I started this blog, with a comment about talking with friends about these three, seemingly difficult topics. I hope I have helped break down the barriers that our Tony together with the mainstream media, has (in my and in a lot of other’s people opinion) created.

Thank you for reading my blog.

If you wish to contact me, disagree or whatever, please comment below, or message me at my Facebook “Rod Fairgofourall” page.

Best Regards.

Rod Fairgofourall

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Real Tony Abbott Links

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Real Julia Gillard Links

1. Feb 28, 2013 Summary transcript: Gillard laments ‘schlock, horror’ news –

2. Prime Minister Julia Gillard with Steve Austin at 612 ABC Brisbane.


Full transcript:

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6, Mar 28, 2013 Perth Community Cabinet ABC report

Please Note: This is not the link I really wanted, as it seems no recordings are available (!) but it talks about the PM answering all but one question in 40 mins. I thought she was hogging a little, but if you remember she had just come off Labor’s bad week, where the Crean/Rudd phantom challenge took place, (through no fault of the PM’s, but it did clear the air) and she needed to show her versatility. Pity no recording because she was open, described policy shortfalls fairly, but what the Government were trying to do properly), but I am advised there will be a transcript available shortly which I will post here)

7. Mar 28, 2013 – The Prime Minister has taken some members of her new-look ministry to a community cabinet meeting in Western Australia…community-cabinet…/4598914

8. Community Cabinet Transcripts:

(NB: These often take some time to be posted on the internet)

9. Community Cabinet Video’s (What there are)

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PM Gillard being interviewed by US press on the Economy, her image and other, 24 mins:



11. PM Press Releases, Speech, Interviews, Video Transcripts etc

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Jul 12, 2011 – I am no Gillard admirer but there is no evidence that Julia Gillard lied about the carbon tax at the last election.

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Jan 1, 2013 – When Tony Abbott quotes Julia Gillard as saying “There will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead” he is using a partial quote.


5. youtube video: Julia Gillard did not lie about Carbon Tax · Storify

Jan 3, 2013 – PM: “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism”

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Julia Gillard did not lie about Carbon Tax (There is No Carbon Tax in Australia)by Lookfor …

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