Real Julia Gillard Links

1. Feb 28, 2013 Summary transcript: Gillard laments ‘schlock, horror’ news –

2. Prime Minister Julia Gillard with Steve Austin at 612 ABC Brisbane.


Full transcript:

 3. Fri Mar 22, 2013, Day after “freedom day”

4. Mar 8, 2013

5. Feb 22, 2013 – Having Lunch with Mummy Blogger


6, Mar 28, 2013 Perth Community Cabinet ABC report

Please Note: This is not the link I really wanted, as it seems no recordings are available (!) but it talks about the PM answering all but one question in 40 mins. I thought she was hogging a little, but if you remember she had just come off Labor’s bad week, where the Crean/Rudd phantom challenge took place, (through no fault of the PM’s, but it did clear the air) and she needed to show her versatility. Pity no recording because she was open, described policy shortfalls fairly, but what the Government were trying to do properly), but I am advised there will be a transcript available shortly which I will post here)

7. Mar 28, 2013 – The Prime Minister has taken some members of her new-look ministry to a community cabinet meeting in Western Australia…community-cabinet…/4598914

8. Community Cabinet Transcripts:

(NB: These often take some time to be posted on the internet)

9. Community Cabinet Video’s (What there are)

 10. April 12, 2012 – Bloomberg Interview

PM Gillard being interviewed by US press on the Economy, her image and other, 24 mins:



11. PM Press Releases, Speech, Interviews, Video Transcripts etc

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