One Hell of a Woman – Julia Gillard and Conviction

One Hell of a Woman – Julia Gillard and Conviction

When I saw that amongst Tony Abbott’s rantings was to cast doubt on Julia Gillard’s honesty over carbon pricing, and her legitimacy after replacing Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, and even her marital status — with his snide House of Reps remark, that she “make an honest woman of herself”, I decided, I had blown the first two out of the water in my last blog, but what about this “honest woman” thing.

I got to thinking, what could the effect on the polls be, if Julia Gillard announced, she and Tim were to get married! Obviously, impossible to quantify, but I could imagine.

So as a bit of fun, I thought up how a publicity seeking personality of lesser qualities might approach this. So off I went into a hypothetical, on just how Julia could receive untold publicity, by bowing to convention and tying the knot. This exercise, complete conjecture on my part, is based on my perception of our dedicated, dignified and talented PM and the man in her life, Tim.

By exploring what Julia, may or may not do, taught me, just how wrong Tony Abbott’s innuendo about Julia being a dishonest woman is. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Gillard-Tim-cleavageImagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, she was to marry Tim, and it was going to be on an extravaganza football day, where her beloved AFL team the Western Bulldogs, played Tim’s team, the Richmond Tigers! Or perhaps, to make it a truly Australian Football affair, with a Western Sydney NRL team, and another, perhaps the Melbourne Storm to play first, with the wedding in between, and the Bulldogs, Tigers match to follow.

Imagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, she was to get married by the heads of the Catholic Church and Church of England, AND the figure head of the Uniting Church, her old childhood religion, representing the Baptist Church where she recognizes the foundation teachings the church gave her, but dismissed the formal elements of religion as they didn’t capture fer heart, soul, and mind, as she told Steve Austin of ABC Brisbane, 28/2/13.,

Imagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, this was all to happen at the SCG, fully televised live by the Murdoch Press, with a civic reception at the Sydney Opera House, attended by World Leaders including the Clinton’s, and those from her birthplace, Wales, with the who’s who of Australia’s “Born to Rule Upper Class”, in attendance.

Imagine the effect on the polls if Julia announced, all of this, by leaking to the Murdoch press through Kevin Rudd, to Laurie Oakes, Howard Sattler and Alan Jones, with Andrew Bolt, on behalf of arguably the most powerful person in the free world, Rupert Murdoch, to give Julia and Tim a wedding card from Rupert, and offering his best regards!

As an aside, I tried to imagine the negative effect on Julia and Tim, if, because they were having a publicly or part funded celebration, like a State Funeral and/or a Royal Wedding, imagine if Tony and Margie Abbott were (as part of the public funding deal) given equal time to “bless the marriage!” Pewk!

Could you imagine her wearing white? Not because she is not a virgin, but there is no way, this lady would ever contradict her ideals. Ridiculous notion, but how many brides ignore the “white” tradition?

On a more sober note, can you ever imagine, her, deliberately lying, to achieve some political advantage. (Note the word “deliberately”)

In fact, what could you imagine, if ever she was to consider formally dedicating herself to Tim, (of course this is non of our business!) Yes, a quiet personal “civil union” maybe, maybe two receptions one private for family and friends, and one public for community leaders, particularly, volunteer organisations including Tim’s Men’s Shed and Prostate Cancer groups plus many, many others, but particularly without the MSM and without the clergy.

Gillard-shopieBut if something like this was to occur, I could imagine her inviting, several gay couples to join her in a civil ceremony, but performed maybe with her hometown church people in attendance, to pay respect of their input to her moral upbringing, but certainly not “Before God”. I could imagine her having her niece’s as flower girls including young Sophie, who helped with the NDIS photographs.

Mum Dad Gillard2What I could imagine, is she may want something to happen along this lines for her Mum sake, before she gets too ill and passes away, but would she? Julia is a deeper thinker than this, even to consider this happy memorable occasion. She would want to do it for herself and Tim, not for anyone else, not for the polls, not for the publicity, not for fame and giving the impression of conformity, and although she would think about it I am sure, not even for her Mum. Some may think this as slightly selfish, I wouldn’t, I believe she would do this in recognition of the couple’s need to cement their deep personal commitment to each other.

This is a woman of calibre and substance, going about her daily business, with a quiet, unsung dignity. Does she force her beliefs on others, does she part judgement on others for relaxing what she may see as a not so ideal arrangement? No, she respects peoples choices, and she does her best to give all people equal opportunity in life, work and happiness, despite the world being far from perfect. You may say her Misogyny speech forced some of convictions down men’s throats. Well, about bloody, time!

Julia Gillard has Conviction, and everything she does she believes in 500%

JGDad2The fact her Dad gave her the education, he never had, has put kids education, on the top of her priority list, followed by Disability Care, equality and worker issues.

But her skills don’t stop there. Watch her at Community Cabinet meetings, display her amazing understanding of every current issue, the legislation processes, the order, why this was done, followed by this then that, etc. this is NO ordinary woman.

She has the dignity and charm, once her knitting is done, (ie: seeing the many basic priorities she has helped achieve in her first term as Australia’s leader carried through) will be to step out of doing the urgent things, and with the same honesty, fairness and vigour, help solve other issues, like the refugee/asylum seeker issue, in my opinion a most challenging one for all world leaders.

JGKnittingMs Gillard is a team leader, she gives credit, and has much better leadership skills than Kevin Rudd. She also has in my opinion, a soft, female, persona, with a little more experience, the perfect wise grandma persona, loving and caring for all, whilst for relaxation, knitting a pair of booties, for a new-born at the same time. (A sort of a Miss Marple, the gentle, wise leader, if only the public could see). Kevin Rudd on the other hand is all about Kevin and his ego, tossed about by conflicting ideals to do what is publicly acceptable and what could be seen to help his popularity. Julia, doesn’t even consider this in the mix. She tries to assess what is right! What is good for the majority, what is good for the Country.

On the negative side, Julia appears to get grumpy when things don’t go 100% right, then gets bossy, and can then be prone to make rash ill-considered decisions, but given the pressures, etc, this is understandable. I am sure she could with experience, moderate this, and being more in charge of events, give herself and her team, time to make these decisions.

I believe, she absolutely deserves a second term as our leader, hopefully inviting the best heads together to make it work, but this time around, without the background distractions of leaks and a hostile press.

Abbott asleep.I suppose some can argue, Tony Abbott’s negative, destroying tactics are all fair in politics, they certainly are like a strong defensive football tactic, creating diversion, mayhem and pressurizing the attacking team (in this case the Government) into making mistakes. But this is not what we pay the opposition to do. We pay them to be constructive, yes dissagree when appropriate, but to obstruct, No. This in my opinion is great waste. OK, on last night’s LateLine, Tony Windsor said the Committee structure has worked well during this Parliament. Was this Abbott’s doing, or the dedication of his backbench underlings.

Mr Abbott, at one stage tried to pull the Government waste card out. Throughout, this whole hung Parliament time, Tony Abbott’s wrecking and time wasting strategies, have had a complete disregard for the Parliamentary system. Together with him having the hide to spend “volunteer” time with the fire fighters and the North Queensland Indigenous folk and then claim expenses from the public purse, for this and his weekend bike rides, and then promoting his own personal book, “Battlelines”, together with his complete lack of Human Decency, the case for Tony Abbott is riddled with holes.

CommittmentI recently saw a post from Don’t Risk Tony Abbott which is so, so true. Summed up the situation perfectly. Thank you.

Ms Gillard, if you do lose the next election, rest assured it won’t be due to your lack of dedication or leadership, or the lack of support from the rank and file, it will be due to the innuendo and unrelenting MSM press stories of leadership challenges and destabilization, poisoning the public perception of a good Government, which by any achievement measure is outstanding.

If this causes Mr Abbott to win by negativity and default, it’s a whole new ball game. In Paul Keating’s words, “God Help Us”.

GOOD LUCK MS GILLARD, go for it, we are with you all the way, and history will record your efforts favourably.

Malcolm Fraser on Tony Abbott’s conviction:

For background personal interviews please see:

For a more political rendition please see:

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11 Responses to One Hell of a Woman – Julia Gillard and Conviction

  1. Certainly heartfelt praise but I don’t know if the single mothers trying to raise children while surviving on Newstart would agree with you. Having met her when she was opposition shadow minister for education, I came away with the impression of a competent politician but not necessarily leadership material. Seven years on, I’ve shifted my opinion. Despite some terrible political blunders and appalling sense of timing, Gillard has done a remarkable job under the circumstances particularly while being pilloried (there’s no other word for it), by the media. Similarly to yourself, and it would appear by many others in the blogosphere, I’m heartily sick of it! Not since the days of the Whitlam dismissal has a prime minister been so vilified, and the harder the MSM go at it – the more determined I become to cast my vote in the opposite direction.

    • rodfairgo says:

      Thank you Ed, I am new to WordPress, and my new post is still being finalized, but thank you for commenting. My only response to your Newstart Mum’s is I am sure if they were genuinely in need, and making some effort to support themselves after their 8 yr olds vacate home, CentreLink would be able to help them in some substantial way. Having been through the newstart process myself, I admit it can be onerous, but I also recognize sometimes you have to be a little cruel to kind, and to be fair to others who contribute to the Govt coffers, it is a balance, how long do you support etc. But I also recognize the after-school programs suffer etc and also no system is perfect, given the bucket of money is not unlimited. regards

  2. Great read Rod, and spot on the money. However to Edward Eastwood, the changeover to those going from single parents to Newstart is the last stage of the Howard governments measures brought in during 2006/7 of his abysmal government. It was always going to happen, sadly JG and Labor did not sell it loudly enough for what it was, and naturally the MSM decided to make it look like it was NEW and and attack on single mums, IT WAS NOT.

    Well done Rod, look forward to more.

  3. brillant article…when you consider the effort gillards father ensured his daughters education it highlights that the gonski truly is a policy close to her heart…when you consider the plate of privilege abbott enjoyed…private schools and scholarships..not even a baby interrupted his educational journey it all makes sense his opposition to these nation changing reforms….

  4. lmrh5 says:

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  5. Pingback: One Hell of a Woman – Julia Gillard and Conviction | lmrh5

  6. jazzy_cat says:

    I don’t want to see a deficit Australia! We need a change, no matter Liberal or whoever. We can’t keep labour to spend all the taxpayers money without a long-term plan. Look at what they have done on the solar projects in QLD, National Broadband project & my school project? I can’t understand why the Dole Bluggers’ pension can be increased from $5xx to $7xx fortnightly (more than 40% increase) which is far more than the inflation & the normal pay raise since Labour became our government. However, the introduction of Carbon Tax & Levies, e.g. flood levy, bushfire levy, cannot generate enough for their spending or cannot even just balance the book. On the contrary, it killed the golden goose – mining industry. A sharp increase in our energy price as a result of Carbon price as well. Right, elderly can ask for subsidiaries of energy but what about me? We work hard to make ends meet.

    • rodfairgo says:

      Thank you Jazzy,
      With our National Debt still low, compared to our GDP (what we earn) we still have the capacity to tighten, ie slow spending, and maintain a healthy debt/earnings ratio, (3 star) very acceptable by the 3 major credit agencies for the first time ever. I do not say debt isn’t a worry, yes it is, but IF you as a Government, have people really doing it tough, (genuinely)and you have a little capacity to borrow money to relieve their poverty, you do this, tighten where you think excesses are made, and soldier on. It is a question of priorities, do you help those in need when you can, or do you pay off your credit card a bit more slowly, by cutting down on what you can. It’s all a balance. To me, when you see the Liberals and their mates, poohoo-ing to Murdoch and Rhinehart to either do things which favour their pockets, I cringe. When you see them telling deliberate lies, and then Murdoch spreading them, it is all so wrong. Thank you.

  7. patriciawa says:

    Great article, rod! Can I use your space here to repeat my own often expressed opinion which is supported by everything you say here. I wrote this a few months back when even her now undeniable strength was being used against her by News Ltd journos.

    Julia Gillard Has a Heart of Oak!

    This is no harsh old dowager queen!
    The Oz says that is how she’s seen,
    Describing her as tough as teak,
    Inflexible, hard, in Newspeak.
    I’d say she has a heart of oak,
    Warm, likeable as any bloke.
    Often described as a hard head
    Our PM is far from heart dead.

    She is strong, forthright, no fibber;
    Role model for any Libber.
    Though no militant feminist,
    Or an environmentalist,
    She’s progressive and does care.
    Attempting always to be fair,
    Embracing those who need a hand,
    Never afraid to take a stand.

    Questions on why she’s not married
    She has very lightly parried,
    Echoing another Welsh red head,
    A dowager queen who stayed unwed.
    PM Gillard’s no Tudor, born to rule,
    But she sure comes from that gene pool.
    Hang on to her Australia,
    Her big heart of oak won’t fail yer.

  8. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.

    I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back later on.
    I want to encourage that you continue your great
    writing, have a nice day!

  9. rodfairgo says:

    Thanks for all your comments.
    I noted this MSM article which supports Lavinia Projustice’s video:
    where Julia states categorically, she did not betray Kevin Rudd, prior to the day Kevin was reported to doubting her loyalty. Another instance of the dignity of this lady. She has vowed never in her lifetime to reveal what happened in the meeting the two arranged to discuss the loyalty accusations, the meeting which she informed Kevin, she would challenge Kevins leadership.
    Subsequently Rudd has been accused of leaking the guts of the meeting to Laurie Oakes, who emabrrassed Julia at an electioneering address at the National Press Club.

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